Demolition of a building or structure requires careful consideration and the support of a dedicated demolition company like Hughes and Salvidge. Depending on the size and position of the structure, whether it contains asbestos or precious metals, whether it is a steel frame or concrete frame, different methods of demolition may be employed which in some cases may involve explosive demolition.

Starting a demolition project

Prior to the commencement of any demolition project, Hughes and Salvidge prepare a comprehensive method statement to address any risk elements and provide a method to work to. The estimating team will identify the materials that are to be reclaimed, recycled, re-used or disposed of off-site. They will calculate approximate tonnages or volumes of these materials and have definite costs and final destinations for these materials. As some reclaimed metals are very valuable it is imperative that we achieve the best value for these as this is generally credited to the client.

Demolition waste recycling

Once a building has been dismantled or demolished we recycle the arisings, using them to backfill areas on sites or we sell the aggregates to be re-used elsewhere. Enhanced by the complementary offerings of our group offering, K&B Crushers, Aasvogel Waste Management, H&S Metals and Valley Trading, we are able to accurately forecast waste and aim to recycle over 95% of all demolition arisings.

Demolition costs

Our dedicated and competent team has a wealth of experience in the demolition industry and we use the very latest demolition equipment to deliver all projects cost effectively to the client’s satisfaction. This is why we are one of the leading demolition companies in the UK.

See our guide showing how we calculate demolition costs

What our clients say

“Hughes and Salvidge provided a full package including the removal of all recyclable material. The project was executed very professionally from the outset and throughout. Exceptionally user friendly organisation and would not hesitate to recommend.” – Ordnance Survey, Southampton, Hampshire- Steve Higgins

“Myself and the Welsh Government were very happy with how the job progressed and the service we received. The site was always in good order and there were very little complaints received. The job overran the original programme but we were kept well informed of this and there was no impact to the client.” – LG Newport – Will Wootten

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Demolition projects undertaken include (but are not limited to):

  • Airport demolition
  • Bridge demolition
  • Chemical plant demolition
  • City centre demolition
  • Industrial demolition
  • Nuclear decommissioning and demolition
  • Pharmaceutical plant demolition
  • Public sector demolition
  • Refinery demolition
  • School demolition
  • Steel foundry demolition
  • Tower block demolition

If you would like further information in relation to demolition then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to visit sites and provide budget prices and feasibility studies for projects with no cost or obligation.