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Hughes and Salvidge have been engaged in Airport projects since the early 1990s, providing specialist demolition, dismantling and strip out services to both Heathrow and Gatwick Airports. We are the only demolition contractor to have a permanent on-site presence at London Heathrow Airport.

We have worked on a wide range of Airport projects, both airside and landside, and have an extensive portfolio of successfully completed projects. 

Our success in this sector is down to our experience, outstanding main contractor relationships, understanding the complex environment, and meeting client expectations. Our clients value our expert management of service clearances, traffic logistics, waste management, health and safety and environmental controls.

Working in an Airport Environment

Our vast experience with Airports means we understand the stringent controls and constraints that apply in this environment. We know that Foreign Object Debris (FOD) control is a primary concern. The public and other contractors are protected from our demolition works by barriers/site boundaries and Heras fencing fixed with debris netting to minimise the escape of any FOD. The works vicinity and compound are cleaned by operatives daily and frequent inspections are carried out, preventing the release of any debris. Any waste produced is kept strictly within skips, with covers placed over.

All demolition and construction programmes for Airport projects are time and cost critical. Hughes and Salvidge regularly adapt our ways of working to accommodate this and surpass client needs.

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