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Industrial Decontamination Services

Hughes and Salvidge understand that when decommissioning or developing sites, the decontamination of industrial structures, buildings, plant, equipment and air handling systems must be one of the first things to address.

Industrial decontamination is essential in demolition to ensure the safety of the community and our workers, to protect the environment and to comply with regulations. As part of our complete demolition solution, our highly trained operatives are experienced in investigating, testing and removing hazardous contaminants. Initial assessments are required prior to any demolition activity commencing as it will guide the planning and execution of the project. Depending on the outcome of the initial assessment, industrial cleaning may be incorporated before, during and after the demolition activity takes place.

Starting a project that requires industrial cleaning?

Hughes and Salvidge are a leading demolition and decommissioning company and our experience spans over six decades. From careful planning to controlled execution, we have the resources and expertise to ensure your project is delivered on time and within budget, with the lowest risk to health and safety. Our valued and varied client base includes heavy industrial and manufacturing organisations, petrochemical and pharmaceutical companies, developers and main contractors, local authorities and utility companies.


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"The works were carried out in a professional, efficient and competent manner. I would highly recommend Hughes & Salvidge for similar works." Project Manager at Balfour Beatty

"Myself and the Welsh Government were very happy with how the job progressed and the service we received. The site was always in good order and there were very little complaints received. The job overran the original programme but we were kept well informed of this and there was no impact to the client." Project Manager at Welsh Government.

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank one and all at Hughes and Salvidge, who were on site and also those working behind the scenes, who contributed to a flawless demolition. All my communications with your organisation have been handled in an exigent and very professional manner" Project Manager at James Knight of Mayfair.

"We’re reliable, friendly and trustworthy, providing knowledge and reassurance at all times. We empower our partners to make informed decisions through jargon-free communication. Our friends know that no demolition project is insurmountable for us and we always make the difficult, look easy“

Martyn Burnett, Managing Director at Hughes & Salvidge


ISO45001 Health and Safety Management Accreditation National Federation of Demolition Contractors Accreditation

ISO9001 Quality Management AccreditationBritish Safety Council Accreditation


We take great pride in our extensive list of certifications and accreditations, earned through rigorous assessments and adherence to industry best practices. These credentials not only showcase our commitment to safety, environmental responsibility, and efficiency but also serve as a testament to our unwavering dedication to executing demolition projects with precision and excellence.

We are proud to hold a comprehensive range of certifications and accreditations, achieved through rigorous assessments and strict adherence to industry standards. These credentials highlight our steadfast commitment to safety, environmental responsibility, and operational efficiency. We are dedicated to delivering demolition projects with absolute precision and quality.


Our decontamination and industrial cleaning Process

We are longstanding members of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC), exemplifying a dedication to quality and assurance. We weave health and safety, along with environmental best practices, seamlessly into the fundamental aspects of our core activities. We believe in providing the safest, most practical and cost effective solution for responsible demolition.

All activities undertaken by Hughes and Salvidge will be in accordance with the approved programme of work, phased operations and safe demolition techniques and the activities will be planned and undertaken in line with the Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Project Health and Safety Plan and Environmental Plan.

Initial Assessment and Planning

Before commencing any demolition or decontamination activities, our team conducts a comprehensive initial assessment of the site. This assessment includes identifying potential hazards, evaluating contamination levels, and determining the scope of cleaning and decontamination required. Based on this assessment, a detailed plan is developed to guide the project execution.

Hazardous material Identification

We specialise in identifying and categorising hazardous materials present on-site, such as asbestos, lead, chemicals, or other pollutants. This step is critical for ensuring proper handling, containment, and disposal of hazardous substances in compliance with regulatory standards.

Development Of A Decontamination Plan

Using data gathered from our initial assessment, we create a tailored decontamination plan. This plan outlines specific methodologies, equipment, and protocols for safely removing and disposing of contaminants while minimising risks to workers, the community, and the environment.

Containment and Isolation

During decontamination activities, we establish strict containment measures to prevent the spread of contaminants. This includes sealing off work areas, implementing negative air pressure systems, and using specialised barriers and enclosures to isolate hazardous materials.

Safe Removal and Disposal

Our trained operatives execute the removal and disposal of hazardous materials in accordance with regulatory requirements. We ensure all waste is handled, packaged, transported, and disposed of safely and responsibly to licensed facilities.

Cleaning and Decontamination

Utilising advanced cleaning techniques and equipment, we thoroughly clean and decontaminate structures, buildings, equipment, and air handling systems. Our goal is to restore the site to a safe and usable condition, free from harmful pollutants.

Air Handling System Cleaning

We conduct specialised cleaning of air handling systems to remove accumulated contaminants and maintain air quality standards. This includes ductwork cleaning, filter replacement, and disinfection to prevent airborne hazards.

Final Inspection and Clearance

Following the completion of cleaning and decontamination activities, we perform a rigorous final inspection to verify that all contaminants have been effectively removed. Upon meeting established clearance criteria, the site is deemed safe for further development or reuse.

Documentation and Reporting

We provide comprehensive documentation and reports detailing the industrial cleaning and decontamination process. This includes records of hazardous material identification, decontamination methodologies, waste disposal records, and clearance certifications.


Safety first

Safety is our top priority. We follow rigorous health and safety measures throughout the decontamination and industrial cleaning process to protect the community, our team and the environment.

Expert team

Our team consists of highly trained experts with years of experience in the demolition industry and we are all committed to delivering exceptional results on every project.

State-of-the-art equipment

Using the latest demolition equipment and techniques, we ensure precise and efficient demolition services, regardless of the project size. Our ongoing investment in the latest technology provides a safer, sustainable and more environmentally friendly service.

Eco-friendly practices

We believe in responsible demolition, which is why we started the Green Hands Initiative. Our eco-friendly practices include recycling, upcycling, and proper disposal of materials, reducing the amount of waste to landfill and minimising the impact on the environment.

Dedicated project management

Our client-facing approach from initial costing through to final project completion ensures first-class communication, client satisfaction and successful project completion on time and within budget.

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