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Green Hands Initiative

Our Green Hands Initiative is an internal environmental strategy and action plan for Hughes and Salvidge. The plan includes seven key performance categories.

Our key performance categories for this initiative are COSHH, Waste, Sustainability, Procurement, Environment, Health and Wellbeing, and Community.

Each category covers one of the main targets currently identified through our existing Environmental Management System.

Each performance category is made up of a series action points that allow us to see what we are doing well and provides us with steps for positive reinforcement, improvement and development.

Environmental Champions

Our Green Hands Initiative includes a scoring matrix that enables our SHEQ team to monitor performance on site. Employees volunteer to be ‘Environmental Champions’ on each of our sites to support and embed the initiative in everything we do.


Reducing Our Environmental Impact

We have had fantastic feedback about Green Hands both internally and externally from employees, shareholders and clients who appreciate the extra efforts we go to, to control and reduce our environmental impact.


COSHH Objectives
  • Operatives have in-date COSHH assessments and data sheets and are trained on their use.

  • COSHH materials are stored safely in a COSHH cabinet and ventilated.

  • Signage is in place on all COSHH items and related cabinets.

  • Gas bottles are stored in a lockable gas cage and signage is in place. Oxygen is kept separate and at least 3 metres from buildings.

  • Full and empty gas bottles are to be kept separate.

  • Fuel and Oil are kept in a double bunded bowser, a response plan is displayed and the area fenced off.

  • Fuel bowsers are checked for leaks, and any spills are cleaned up immediately.

  • Spill kit bags are kept in bins external to bowsers.


Waste Objectives
  • Reduce the use of single use items, both plastic and paper.

  • Recycling bins available with clear and informative signage about what can be recycled.

  • Ensure office furniture is relocated at the end of each project.

  • Ensure waste is segregated to ensure loads are not contaminated when removed from site. -We aim to recycle 100% of demolition arisings.

  • Utilise associated companies to reuse demolition arisings, for example – K&B Crushers.

  • Ensure Site Waste Management Plan is readily available and EWC and SIC code crib cards are included.

  • Keep accurate records of all removed waste and recycling to ensure 100% traceability.
Sustainability Objectives
  • Ensure recycled paper and stationery is used in both offices and sites.

  • Reduce water usage by targeting areas of demolition.

  • Install water tracking (e.g. water meters).

  • Recycle water used on site.

  • Keep accurate records of water, fuel, gas, and electricity usage.

  • Reduce Co2 emissions by minimising traffic movements and not allowing machines or vehicles to idle when not being used.
Procurement Objectives
  • Latest eco-friendly machines procured.

  • Aim for 100% electric or hybrid vehicles, including all company vehicles and plant.

  • Where applicable, hire carbon neutral plant that run off renewable energy.

  • Establish which companies have policies in line with our Green Hands Initiative.
Environment Objectives
  • Install noise, vibration and dust monitors.

  • Prevent contamination to waterways by using witches hats and pads over drains.

  • Ensure Natural England has given confirmation of demolition works.

  • Tree and flora protection in place and secure.

  • Clear information on invasive plants and protected species displayed on sites.

  • Liaise with the Environment Agency and other relevant parties to ensure procedures to protect are in place.

  • Clean footwear for working near waterways.
Health & Wellbeing Objectives
  • Ensure correct numbers of first aiders and mental health first aiders on site.

  • Promote workforce involvement and employee consultation on new initiatives.

  • Clearly display the company helpline in all offices and sites and promote use.

  • Promote open door policy in all offices and sites.

  • Team and individual awards.

  • Provide training and development opportunities.

  • Good supply of protective clothing and PPE.

Community Objectives
  • Work with the local community to encourage good relationships.

  • Letter drop to notify local residents of demolition works including contact details in case of concern.

  • Approach local businesses to become approved suppliers.

  • Support local charities and schemes.

  • Engage positively with surroundings as temporary members of each community.

  • Display CCS banners, posters and information both inside and outside of the site.

  • Clearly define traffic routes and times to minimise disruption to the community.


Green Hands Document

Working together

Clear communication with the aid of our initiative cards allows our core values to be shared company wide.