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You will find answers to our most common enquiries below. If you need more information, don't hesitate to get in touch, we will be happy to help with any questions.


What documents are needed to get a demolition quote?

Depending on the nature of your project, different documentation will be required ahead of our team providing a quotation.
Site Plans, images, a Scope of Works document, an R&D Asbestos Survey, as well as details of Planning Permission, Services Disconnections, Ground Investigation Reports, Structural Surveys, and Topographical, Environmental and Ecological Reports all help us to provide accurate costings for your project.
Hughes and Salvidge are able to provide high-level budget costs, during early engagement phases of a project, with minimal documentation.
Please contact our team on 0808 250 7086 for a further information.

What areas do you cover?

Hughes and Salvidge undertake demolition projects across the UK and into Europe.

How much does demolition cost?

Demolition costs all depend on your project - its size, what it’s made from, where it is, if there are any hazardous materials present, whether it is easily accessible, as well as any structural concerns, and many other factors.
Because there are so many variables, Hughes and Salvidge do not provide a ‘demolition by the metre’ rate. Instead, we gain as much information from you, the client, as we can and offer a site visit where our experienced team can determine an accurate cost for your demolition project.

Is asbestos removal a part of the demolition process?

For the most part, yes.
Asbestos removal is often a crucial part of the demolition process. Many older buildings contain asbestos, which can be hazardous to health. A licensed asbestos removal contractor must be hired to safely remove and dispose of any asbestos-containing materials before demolition can proceed.
Hughes and Salvidge have our own in-house Asbestos Removal division, H&S Asbestos, who support us in ensuring asbestos is safely and efficiently removed.

What are the environmental considerations when demolishing a building?

Environmental considerations are vital in demolition projects. We develop an Environmental Management Plan to address issues like waste disposal, recycling, and pollution prevention and employ an in-house Environmental Advisor to support the site teams in keeping the environment at the forefront of our minds. We also consult independent Ecologists to ensure vegetation, wildlife and waterways remain unharmed during our works.

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