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Demolition & Decommissioning


Demolition of a building or structure requires careful consideration and the support of a dedicated and experienced demolition company, like Hughes and Salvidge.

The safe and minimally disruptive decommissioning or demolition of a structure hinges on various factors such as its size, location, presence of asbestos or recyclable metals, and whether it has been constructed with a steel or concrete frame. Adapting our strategy to these particulars, we utilise specialised methods to guarantee the secure dismantling of the structure.

Starting a decommissioning and demolition project

Prior to the commencement of any decommissioning and demolition project, Hughes and Salvidge prepare a comprehensive method statement to address any risk elements and provide a method to work to. The estimating team will identify the materials that are to be reclaimed, recycled, re-used or disposed of off-site. They will calculate approximate tonnages or volumes of these materials and have definite costs and final destinations for these materials. As some reclaimed metals are very valuable it is imperative that we achieve the best value for these as this is generally credited to the client.

Our commitment to the environment

Once a building has been decommissioned or demolished we recycle the arisings, using them to backfill areas on sites. Additionally, when possible, we also sell the aggregates to be re-used elsewhere. Our commitment to environmental responsibility is further strengthened by the synergies of our associated businesses offering. Together with K&B Crushers, H&S Metals and leveraging the collective expertise of our divisions, we meticulously forecast waste generation and strive to achieve a remarkable recycling rate of over 97% for all demolition arisings.

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We’re committed to leading the way in the decommissioning and demolition industry and our continued investment into state-of-the-art plant technology exemplifies one of the many ways we are achieving that goal.

Investing in our industry

Our strategic investment into the latest technology enhances our operational efficiency, sustainability and overall performance. In turn, our costs remain competitive and our customer satisfaction is unparalleled.

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