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Airport Demolition

Hughes and Salvidge are specialists in Airport Demolition. We have worked at London Heathrow Airport, London Gatwick Airport, London Stansted Airport, Manchester Airport and Bournemouth Airport over the last three decades and are the only demolition contractor with a permanent on-site presence at London Heathrow Airport.

Our Airport team works closely with Airport Operations from early consultation through to project completion in order to ensure the safest, most affordable way of conducting demolition works without impacting on an Airport’s day-to-day movements.

Airport demolition projects can often pose difficulties and unexpected challenges and adhering to strict Airport protocol is a main requirement of working both airside and landside.

As a company, we strive to create and embrace innovation within our industry and this regularly emanates from our work within the high-risk Airport environment.

We have been engaged in airport demolition projects since the early 1990s and are fully conversant with airport protocol:

  • Acting as Principal Contractor (CDM) – complete project control during the demolition phase.

  • Strategic planning advice – all stakeholders fully informed through early engagement.

  • Budget costing.

  • Programme advice and methodology.

  • Logistics management.

  • Preparation and enabling works.

  • Asbestos removal.

  • In-house authorised pass signatory for restricted areas

  • GSAT trained and passed.

Our Airports Team

Specialists in Airport demolition and dismantling works. Our dedicated team of Managers and operatives solely work within our Airports division, and share decades of experience between them, ensuring our clients get the top tier service that is necessary for working both airside and landside at International Airports.

Our Airports division regularly pick up awards for their professionalism, safety awareness and innovation and our Airports Contracts Manager was awarded the Demolition Manager of the Year by the NFDC in 2018.




Over 80 million
passengers per year

Almost half a million
aircraft movements



Hughes and Salvidge
permanently on site for over 20 years

Hughes and Salvidge have been based at London Heathrow Airport for over two decades and are the only demolition contractor with a permanent on-site presence. Our projects vary from strip-outs, pier demolition, and link bridge removals to demolition of multi-storey buildings and warehouse-type units.

Our dedicated airports team are highly experienced and qualified to undertake demolition and associated works, both airside and landside, ensuring that disruption is kept to an absolute minimum and the Airport operations are not affected by our activities.


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Over 46 million
passengers per year

Over a quarter of a million
aircraft movements



Over 20 projects completed to date

Hughes and Salvidge have worked both airside and landside at London Gatwick Airport for over 15 years and regularly engage with main contractors and the Airport to assist with the demolition aspects of major new frameworks in regards to Airport developments.

Our Airport services include consultancy, soft strip works, demolition and dismantling, crane/lifting work, asbestos removal, and specialised retention of Airport assets, all in line with the Airport’s strict protocol.



Over 28 million
passengers per year

Almost 200,000
aircraft movements



Over 95% demolition arisings recycled

Hughes and Salvidge have worked at Manchester Airport for a number of years as a valued subcontractor for the Manchester Airport Transformation Programme, a £1 billion investment made by Manchester Airport for the transformation of Terminal 2.

Our airside works at Manchester Airport include conducting night works to accommodate the strict Airport Operations and protocols. We maintain continual and consistent communication with the Manchester Airport team to ensure smooth running of our projects alongside the daily Airport activities.



Over 25 million
passengers per year

Over 185,000
aircraft movements



4th busiest airport in the UK

Based in Essex and owned by Manchester Airport Group, London Stansted has invested £600 million to meet demand and transform the passenger experience. The UK’s fourth busiest Airport has seen many projects completed by Hughes and Salvidge which have included the removal of piers, link bridges and brick buildings alongside other structures. These projects are undertaken both airside and landside by our qualified and experienced Airports teams.

All of our team members hold the relevant and requested certificates and passes to undertake projects at a busy, working Airport.



Over half a million
passengers per year

Over 4000 aircraft movements



1941 – Opened as RAF Hurn

Previously known as Hurn Airport, Bournemouth Airport has undergone many changes since its original use as an RAF Airport (RAF Hurn). In 2008, a £45 million redevelopment began which included doubling the size of the terminal building, increasing the number of stands/gates and further redevelopment phases such as improvements to the local infrastructure.

Hughes and Salvidge demolished non-operational buildings, such as the former NATS Training Building on the Airport boundary, to make way for buildings within the local community in mind.

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