Residential and Regeneration

Hughes and Salvidge are highly experienced in working on sites with neighbours, adjacent to residential housing and other sensitive or live areas. Keeping the local community informed of works in advance of activity on site, minimises any negative impact. Early identification of potential issues also enables action to be taken to address any problems so that they can be brought under control or avoided completely.

Residential Demolition Concerns and Measures

The main issues that generally concern the general public are noise, dust, vibration, access and mud on roads. To mitigate these potential issues, the following measures are put in place:

  • Hoarding around the site
  • Scaffolding/debris netting on structures fronting main public thoroughfares
  • Use of large plant with concrete pulverisers to minimise the use of breakers
  • Use of hoses/dust boss as water sprays to reduce dust emissions
  • Regular noise, dust and vibration monitoring throughout the works
  • Traffic management plans – pre-planning traffic movements to avoid the busiest times
  • Prior notification of formal road closures – (agreed with the client and highways department)
  • Unhindered and safe pedestrian access around the site
  • Use of jet washes on wheels of vehicles leaving site
  • Use of road sweepers to clean roads

If required, we allocate a Site Liaison Officer (SLO) to manage the public interface. A SLO is appointed to act as a direct link between the contractor, local residents and third parties. The SLO is in consistent communication with residents by meetings, letters, newsletters and general information leaflets. Any complaints or concerns are managed by the SLO to ensure complete satisfaction of all stakeholders.

In Hull, we prepared for the explosive demolition of Bridgeman House, the first of five tower blocks on the Orchard Park estate to be demolished, making way for a £15m Regeneration Programme.

Bridgeman House was surrounded by residential and commercial properties and we worked hard to ensure minimal disruption and the smooth completion of the project. From the outset, a Site Liaison Officer (SLO) was appointed as a direct link between the contractor, local residents, stakeholders and other third parties. On the day of the blowdown, we provided an evacuation centre for all residents that fell within the planned exclusion zone.

Recent residential projects

Our most recent residential project was in Clapham Park covering 36 hectares in the London Borough of Lambeth. A masterplan was created in consultation with the local community to provide Clapham Park residents with good quality, well-managed and maintained homes at affordable rents, in an area revitalised with a network of cleaner and safer streets, better transport, good schools, and community facilities. When the masterplan is completed in 2025 there will be in excess of 3,200 homes on the estate.

Hughes and Salvidge were appointed to the soft strip, asbestos removal and demolition of 9 separate areas of the estate. The site was located in a densely populated residential area, near to schools and the main South Circular Road. Working closely with the local community and residents was essential in order to minimise disruption and alleviate concerns.