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Looking for a complete demolition service provider in Kent? You’re in the right place!

Based on the South Coast, Hughes and Salvidge is one of the UK’s leading decommissioning companies. With a reputation for being one of the most trusted demolition contractors in the industry, we provide a full-service demolition solution across Kent and the surrounding areas.

We demolish, crush, and recycle in-house – allowing us to meet your specific needs and deliver a consistent level of quality and service.

At Hughes and Salvidge, we put our clients first. So, from the moment you get in touch, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the highest standard of service at a cost-effective price.

Our skilled and experienced team will guide you through the entire process, from the initial budget costing, right through to project completion. Throughout every stage of the project, we put a firm focus on Health and Safety, as well as quality and innovation.

Demolition services Kent

We offer a wide range of demolition services in Kent, including:

  • Airport demolition
  • Bridge demolition
  • Chemical Plant demolition
  • City Centre demolition
  • Industrial demolition
  • Large Commercial Premises demolition
  • Marine/Dockyard demolition
  • Ministry of Defence site demolition
  • Nuclear decommissioning and demolition
  • Pharmaceutical Plant demolition
  • Public Sector demolition
  • Refinery demolition
  • School demolition
  • Steel Foundry demolition
  • Tower Block demolition
  • University Buildings demolition
  • Utilities demolition

Why Choose Us?

Alongside our commitment to providing a high quality, customer-focused, cost-effective service, here at Hughes and Salvidge, we take corporate responsibility extremely seriously in everything we do – adopting the most environmentally-friendly practices, without compromising on quality.

Each and every project we work on is carefully planned and managed in order to minimise any potential impact on the environment. We go above and beyond to optimise the recycling potential on project sites, aiming to recycle over 95% of materials generated by demolition.

We are proud to have been awarded the 2016 Recycling and Environmental World Demolition Award for our environmental work and our Green Hands Initiative.


“Hughes and Salvidge provided a full package including the removal of all recyclable material. The project was executed very professionally from the outset and throughout. Exceptionally user friendly organisation and would not hesitate to recommend.” – Steve Higgins, Ordnance Survey, Southampton, Hampshire

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We aim to respond to all email enquiries within 24 hours. Enquiries received after 5.00pm will be answered the next working day.

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