Dismantling of Hover Eagle Craft in Hythe

Hythe, Hampshire

  • Built in 1987
  • 24.8 metres long
  • Carried upto 8 tonnes


The Hovercraft Museum





Hughes and Salvidge completed the dismantling of a decommissioned hovercraft in Hythe, Hampshire.

The AP188 ‘Hover Eagle’ craft was no longer fit for use and the decision was taken to dismantle the hovercraft and recycle the vast majority of the materials.

Originally built in 1987 the hovercraft was 24.8-metres long and could carry a payload of 8-Tonnes and had seating for 26 passengers.

We used a 490-excavator with shear or selector-grab attachments at different stages to complete the project within a two-week programme.

All materials from the project were segregated and sent to recycling management centres for further processing.