Space Waye and Unit 27 Central Way, Feltham







Asbestos RemovalDecommissioningDemolitionSite Clearance

Hughes and Salvidge conducted the role of Principal Contractor for the demolition works at Space Waye and Central Way, Feltham in March 2016.


The project involved the demolition of Units 2, 3,6 and 7 and Unit 27. The works at the former airline catering buildings included:

  • The termination of services
  • Asbestos removal
  • A comprehensive soft strip to all buildings
  • The demolition of all buildings
  • Removal of slabs and foundations along with crushing all hard materials and removing excess materials from site

The project took place in a live industrial park with occupied buildings on all sides. A live 900 diameter Thames Water surface water sewer under Unit 27 needed to be retained and protected throughout the works in line with Thames Water requirements, this included all existing external and internal manholes. The relocation and protection of 2 substations that previously fed the buildings also fell under the scope of works.

The site was situated within a mile from Heathrow Airport. It was, therefore, essential that airport protocol regarding dust, debris, vibration and noise was maintained.

Hughes and Salvidge completed these works in August 2016.