Site Clearance

Hughes and Salvidge understand that businesses are under pressure to increase efficiency and deliver better services in a more sustainable way with fewer resources. As such we have noticed a huge increase in the redevelopment, and in some cases, total demolition of buildings and industrial sites which are no longer working economically or in an environmentally-friendly way.

Whether you are looking for full site clearance or assistance with site redevelopment, Hughes and Salvidge have all the experience and resources to carry this out professionally and cost effectively.

Hughes and Salvidge specialise in plant relocation/re-sale, industrial cleaning and the ‘making safe’ of your sites for resale or redevelopment.

Our full range of services includes decommissioning, dismantling, demolition, asbestos removal and associated services.

Hughes and Salvidge is part of a group which also contains Aasvogel Waste Management, K&B Crushers, H&S Metals and Valley Trading. The companies complement each other and help to ensure that maximum recycling is achieved, minimising waste generation and providing clients with a complete cost effective solution.