Former NATS Site, Bournemouth Airport







Airport ProjectsDemolition

Hughes and Salvidge were appointed to the role of Demolition Contractor for the soft strip work to Buildings B, C, D, K and F and the demolition of Buildings H, K, G and C along with the removal of a diesel tank and chiller units at the former NATS site at Bournemouth Airport. The strip out works for this Dorset project consisted of:
  • Strip out all existing services
  • Removal of existing ceilings
  • Removal of existing floor coverings down to screed including raised access floors
  • Retaining existing plastering but remove all applied wall finishes such as wall tiles, acoustic absorption and Whiterock.
  • Removal of all internal non-loadbearing walls except stair and toilet cores
  • Removal of all toilet cubicles, duct panelling and vanity units, internal doors, frames and screens.
Building C was a two-storey building of steel frame construction with a flat roof and was flanked by Buildings B and D at either end. Building K was a prefabricated two-storey building under a flat roof between Buildings C and G and was connected by a link bridge on its east elevation. Building G was a two- storey concrete flat roof building with load bearing brickwork walls and a concrete first floor. Building H was a prefabricated two-storey building under a flat roof between Buildings C and G and connected to a building on its east elevation.

All buildings were soft stripped and asbestos removal works were undertaken prior to commencing demolition works.

The project was in close proximity to public areas and therefore had an impact on the local environment.  We included for all measures necessary to ensure that all operations carried out were compliant with the local authority requirements and Environment Agency pollution prevention guidelines.

Although the asbestos removal contract was undertaken by a separate subcontractor, 100% removal of hazardous materials could not be confirmed. Hughes and Salvidge team members, who are all fully Asbestos Awareness trained, ensured they were on the lookout for previously undiscovered asbestos throughout the demolition processes. When found, our operatives followed our strict Asbestos Procedures.