Decommissioning and Demolition of Arla Dairy

Hatfield Peverel, Essex






Asbestos RemovalDecommissioningDemolitionDismantling and Asset Recovery

Hughes and Salvidge completed a competitive tender process to become the approved contractor for the decommissioning and demolition of ARLA Foods UK PLC’s Dairy in Hatfield Peverel, Essex. Decommissioning and Demolition site of Arla Dairy building in Essex The dairy ceased operations in July, 2016, and the site was designated for future residential development. We started on site in January, 2017 and completed the project in August, 2017.

Demolition site

The site comprised of several stand-alone buildings and a dairy production building. There were also plant rooms and storehouses around the site, and an effluent plant - all of which fell under the scope of our contract to decommission and demolish.

Asbestos Removal

After the successful removal of all asbestos, we started the decommissioning phase of the project. This involved the strip-out and decommissioning of production lines and the removal of the dairy’s equipment.

Demolition equipment recovery

The client had compiled an asset list of equipment that they wished to sell at public auction. We therefore needed to ensure that this list was adhered to and the equipment not damaged.

All other equipment not on the list was removed from site separately and sent to waste and recycling plants.

The demolition of all buildings and structures then took place, including the removal of tanks and interceptors, and the removal of 6 underground tanks and vessels.

The buildings and structures were demolished down to external slab level. All inert brick or concrete arisings were crushed on site and basements, sub-structures, and the areas previously occupied by the underground tanks/vessels, were backfilled.

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