Asbestos Removal

H&S Asbestos is the Asbestos Removal division of Hughes and Salvidge.

Hughes and Salvidge have been undertaking the removal of non-licenced asbestos for decades, and H&S Asbestos expands our ‘complete solution’ by providing the full Asbestos Removal service – licenced and non-licenced – entirely in-house.

Asbestos Removal works carried out by H&S Asbestos are comprehensive and varied. We regularly undertake the removal of large amounts of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) within multiple locations, on a wide range of sites and environments. All licenced and non-licenced removal works require extremely detailed planning, segregation from others, controlled and enclosed methods of removal, and notifications to the HSE and
relevant authorities.

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    Demolition Services in Asbestos Removal Services

    We offer a large range of asbestos services to accommodate your requirements. These include:

    Spray Coatings
    Pipe Insulation
    Boiler Lagging
    Asbestos Insulation Board
    Asbestos cement
    Vinyl Floor Tiles
    Bitumen Adhesives

    Health and Safety

    All Asbestos Removal-related activities are planned, carried out and managed to cause the absolute minimum disruption or concern to any third parties. All access to the site area is controlled by security fencing with appropriate signage and notices posted. Only asbestos trained and authorised personnel are permitted in the working zones, with no access allowed to any other trades, site staff or members of the public. Our welfare facilities, decontamination units and asbestos waste skips are positioned within these controlled areas for use by H&S Asbestos trained personnel only.