World Mental Health Day – 10th October

8th October 2020

Taking care of your mental health is equally as important as taking care of your physical health. With the world being turned upside down in 2020 through COVID-19, this is truer than ever before.

Hughes and Salvidge actively support our employees with regular Occupational Health screenings and our Mental Health Awareness Programme. We are partnered with Health Assured for a free information and advice app for employees and their wider family unit. This includes mental health support in the form of counselling, signposting to support agencies, and advice in areas that can greatly affect mental wellbeing such as legal issues, financial, family, or housing.

With COVID-19 potentially increasing anxious thoughts or worries, it is important that we support one another in all aspects of our lives, including our friends, family and colleagues.

Hughes and Salvidge are using this year’s World Mental Health Day to remind our teams to ‘Ask Twice’. If they suspect a friend or colleague might be struggling with their mental health. The simple act of asking and then asking again, with interest, can help someone to open up for the first time. It’s always best to ask and be rebuffed than to not ask and leave a friend or colleague suffering alone. 

For anyone suffering, or looking to learn more for a loved one, please see some helpful organisations below:



Talking Change


Health Assured

Article By Nicola Wallace

Nikki has worked at Hughes and Salvidge since 2013, working on some of our biggest tenders and projects for major clients, including Ford, Ineos, Portsmouth City Council, and Shell UK.

More article by Nicola Wallace
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