Why Recycling Is So Important To Us

29th June 2016

During our 50+ years in business the importance of recycling has become more and more of a pertinent issue globally.

This makes it all the more surprising that there are still some demolition and decommissioning specialists out there failing to improve their recycling rates. We can assure you that Hughes and Salvidge isn’t one of them as there’s simply no excuse not to, especially when you consider how essential it is if we are to reduce the earth’s carbon footprint and preserve the planet for future generations.

There are several additional reasons why recycling is so essential:

  • Excess landfill waste has a negative economic impact and is harmful to the environment with the potential to pollute surrounding soil and groundwater.
  • Often reclaimed materials (such as timber) can be converted into useable items.
  • It saves us money.
  • It saves on energy.
  • It cuts down on greenhouse emissions.
  • It helps us conserve natural resources.

Nowadays, customers rightly expect firms like ours to be mindful of maximising recycling rates and to have proper recycling procedures in place. We certainly do that.

Currently we strive to recycle in excess of 95% of materials recovered from demolition and decommissioning sites e.g. timber, metals, glass, brick, stone, concrete etc. We’re also regularly exploring methods of increasing this impressive figure to further aid the environment and attract new business.

Find out more about our Green Hands Initiative and also how Hughes and Salvidge became the first demolition contractor in the world to become Carbon Trust certified.

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