What is dust suppression in demolition?

26th August 2021

Throughout the construction and demolition sector, dust is a prevalent issue. It not only affects a number of different activities on site, but it also contributes to various health conditions and concerns.

The problems associated with dust emission can affect the planning of demolition works, especially if the site is near to other buildings or structures, public facilities or busy public areas. One of the main issues is that airborne dust can disperse during the demolition, crushing, and transportation processes. 

The good news is that there has been a vast improvement in the quality of the technology used in demolition works, meaning dust suppression is becoming far easier. So why is dust suppression important?

Dust Suppression System

What is dust suppression?

Dust suppression is the application of liquid to effectively restrict the airborne dissemination of fine particles. The water captures airborne dust particles, causing them to fall to the ground rather than disperse into the air.

There are many ways to do this:

Using a Dust Suppression System

Dust suppression systems have been expertly designed to prevent issues with dust on both small- and large-scale demolition sites. Using atomized misting equipment, such as a Dust Boss, creates a water curtain, which prevents the dust from being released into the air where it can become problematic. Using this kind of system is one of the best ways to minimise dust.

Using this type of equipment also makes the area cleaner and significantly improves the visibility of any working space. This means that workers can carry demolition tasks more safely.

Using Fire Hoses

Dust can also be controlled by damping down using temporary water supplies around a site.

Operatives gain access above or, safely, near to a structure and spray water via fire hoses directly onto the workface. Should pressure be insufficient fire engines and tractor water bowsers are used to suppress dust further.

Using any of these systems as a Dust Suppression measures can also be supported by installing temporary Dust monitors around a site and setting trigger levels for notifications in real time. This means that works can cease immediately if Dust levels reach set limits, and further suppression techniques can be installed.

Fire hose dust suppression

What is the advantage of dust suppression in demolition?

One of the main advantages of dust suppression in demolition is that it limits a number of environmental concerns and reduces the impact of air pollution caused by airborne dust.

These specialist systems and measures can also help to protect construction workers from harmful respiratory diseases, along with a number of other eye and skin irritations.

Dust suppression measures can also:

  • Prevent unpleasant odours from causing concern
  • Save money by reducing site maintenance
  • Improve cleanliness
  • Establish good community relations
  • Meet all local planning regulations that require dust suppression for the benefit of workers
  • Improve employee safety

Why choose Hughes & Salvidge?

Demolition of a building or structure requires careful consideration and the support of a dedicated demolition company such as Hughes & Salvidge. If you have any questions about our demolition services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

Article By Nicola Wallace

Nikki has worked at Hughes and Salvidge since 2013, working on some of our biggest tenders and projects for major clients, including Ford, Ineos, Portsmouth City Council, and Shell UK.

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