Three Local Charities Left Egg-Static By Hughes And Salvidge

23rd April 2014

Did you have a good Easter break? Overdosed on chocolate?

We thought we’d do something a little bit different this Easter and treat many of those young people in the local area who may not have been fortunate enough to have received any chocolaty treats.


The idea came about after one of our employees bought the office staff a bunch of Easter eggs, leading to a Director then challenging all Hughes and Salvidge project staff to contribute their own stash of eggs for donation to a local charity.

After being swamped with countless different eggs in just a few weeks, far more than we were originally expecting (over 150 to be precise) we decided to split the donation between three different charities, all of which are within close proximity to our Head Office:

Carer’s Centre ( a one stop shop for all carers in the city of Portsmouth, offering a variety of support, including financial, training, young carers, adult mental health, and emotional support.

Second Chance Children’s Charity ( takes children from deprived backgrounds on fishing and camping trips where they are able to spend time away from their normal surroundings and build positive relationships with adults.

The EC Robert’s Centre ( an organisation with a reputation for developing innovative responses to families who are struggling to improve their family’s difficult circumstances. Particularly emphasises on meeting the needs of the children who are often the casualties of their family’s plight.

They were very gratefully received by each respective charity with kind words such as the below passed onto the team.

Tina Johnson, Senior Administrator at The EC Roberts Centre: “We were extremely grateful and overwhelmed by your generosity. It was wonderful to see the happy faces of all the children involved in The Roberts Centre when they were each given an Easter egg. A big thank you to everyone who kindly donated.

Rebecca Hobbs, Young Carers Development Worker at Portsmouth Carers Centre: “Can I say a great big thank you on behalf of the young carers who attend the young carers’ project.

“The young carers have varying levels of caring roles within their homes, they may miss out on some aspects of family life or are emotionally affected and worrying about the person they care for.  We try and support them to be children by giving them the chance to play and socialise with their peers and also support by listening or developing their life skills.

“Thank you once again for your kind generosity.”

Only half of the eggs donated could be fitted into the above image!

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