Putting our Best Foot Forward for Environmentally friendly PPE

9th June 2021

Hughes and Salvidge always strive to achieve high standards of Health and Safety for our team and the communities that we work in.

An essential part of that is ensuring our team have the correct and best Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for their jobs. This includes tools, equipment, boots, gloves, hard hats, eyewear, and workwear in general.

Demolition activities, by nature, are tough on clothing and equipment so sourcing durable items is of the utmost importance, as this can have safety and cost implications for the company.

Partnering with the right companies who share our vision and standards is paramount to our success.

Environmentally friendly PPE from Greenham

We have been partnered with Greenham for over 10 years and have built a strong relationship with their Representatives over that time. The PPE we secure from Greenham not only provide excellent standards of Health and Safety protection but now deliver added Environmental benefits.

They say,

“We intend to source and distribute the best products for our customers, while simultaneously working to protect our environment, secure our supply chain and promote the wellbeing of the global community in which we operate.

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment by considering our actions and working with customers and suppliers to develop and implement solutions.”

One of the most Environmentally-friendly items we’ve been sourcing through Greenham are the Rock Fall boots.

Rock Fall ‘aim to be the most sustainable footwear supplier by 2022 and have a number of environmental initiatives/projects underway.’

We can’t wait to see what other Environmental plans Rock Fall have for the future and are excited to continue our fruitful partnership with Greenham.

Environmental initiatives

You can find out more about all three companies Environmental Initiatives at:

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