Hughes And Salvidge Now Firmly In The Driving Seat

23rd November 2015

Forever the type of company to convey a professional image in every aspect of our business, we have taken delivery of some newly branded vehicles over the last few days.

All proudly adorned with the Hughes and Salvidge logo, together with our web address and telephone number, a total of 19 new vans have been added to our existing fleet.


Supplied by Vauxhall, we have taken a mixture of brand new Corsa Vans, Vivaro Vans and Combo Vans.

Conscious as we are of the environment, every model runs new, more efficient diesel engines that adhere to existing research and development, enabling us to keep on the right side of carbon emissions.

They also contain an eco-stop/start function, purposely designed to save fuel and reduce emissions by pausing the engine whenever a red light is reached.

Furtherly, the driver comfort is outstanding so that those behind the wheel can navigate their way to projects in luxury.

We anticipate that the new vans will draw plenty of attention out on the road and stimulate recognition of our growing brand.

Keep your eyes peeled for them when out and about!

Article By Will Spong

Will has been a Business Development Executive at Hughes and Salvidge since 2016. He has worked on tenders for the UK Government, Portsmouth City Council, Southampton City Council and the Ministry of Defence.

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