Demolition site signs – what do they mean?

20th February 2020

If you are working on any construction or demolition site, it’s crucial that you understand the importance of site safety. This begins with familiarising yourself with the different demolition site signs.

After all, construction and demolition sites are dangerous places with a number of different hazards that could cause serious harm.

There for health and safety purposes, demolition site signs are designed to be highly visible on any construction site. In bright colours such as green, blue, red and yellow, they are not hard to miss.

Every sign has a different meaning and delivers a clear safety message, which should be followed at all times.

Here’s our guide to the different demolition site signs and what they mean.

Warning signs

These are distinctive signs that you will see in a yellow triangle with a black border. They mean, “You have been warned, be careful, be aware.”

Examples of warning signs include Asbestos, work overhead, danger and high voltage.

Prohibition signs

All prohibition signs have a solid red circle with a cross bar and white background. These signs mean, “Do not, you must not and stop if you are.”

Common prohibition signs found on construction and demolition sites include no entry, no smoking and stop.

Mandatory signs

With their solid blue circle and white symbols or lettering, mandatory signs mean, “You must do, obey.”

Common mandatory signs include ‘Keep locked shut’ and ‘Hard hats must be worn’.

Fire equipment signs

Fire equipment signs have a solid red rectangular outline and have white letters or symbols.

They send out the message that fire equipment is accessible such as fire alarms, extinguishers and hydrants.

Safe condition signs

These are green square or oblong signs that send out the message, “Follow this sign to reach safety.” They point out the nearest fire exit or first aid.

As well as tuning in to demolition safety signs whenever you are working on site, it’s also important that you wear the relevant safety wear including a hard hat, suitable footwear and florescent work wear.

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