Demolition Projects – Step-by-Step Guide

20th March 2017

Demolition projects go through a number of stages from budgeting to handover. We look at the individual steps taken on demolition projects and what goes into each of the steps.

Pre-Qualification and Budget Stage

Often the first point of contact from a client for a project is to ask us to complete a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ). A PQQ can vary in detail, but usually requests information on Hughes and Salvidge as a company, it’s accreditations and certifications, it’s approach towards Health and Safety and the Environment, and details of relevant project experience. Sometimes an outline budget for the project is also requested at this stage.

Tender Stage

On successfully passing a PQQ and being invited to tender for a project, we complete all requested documentation to further illustrate the experience, certification/accreditation and processes of our company. If needed, we also attend interviews and conduct presentations with a view to winning the tender. To help submit the most accurate estimate/price possible, we make a site visit and survey the building(s) in question, along with assessing any supplied drawings, plans, or surveys from the client. We also liaise with approved sub-contractors, who could be potentially used, if need be, and provide details of their company to the client. Budget/Price for the works is also finalised at this stage.

Project Win

When a project is won we confirm our site team – usually consisting of Project Manager, Site Manager, Site Supervisors and Site Operatives. All management and staff work under the guidance of our Managing Director or Technical Director and in collaboration with our SHEQ Manager. We also confirm which sub-contractors, if any, we will use.


Ahead of starting a project, the Risk Assessments and Method Statement drafted at tender stage are confirmed and the programme of works is finalised at a meeting of our management and the client. Any targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are also outlined. A site tour also takes place. The Project Health and Safety Plan and Environmental Plan are finalised.

Start and Duration

At the start of the project a fully worked up cost projection is undertaken which also encompasses programme, health and safety goals, and environmental targets. During the currency of the project the cost projection is updated weekly to reflect actual expenditure allowing benchmarking at any time during the project. We utilise a contracts’ costing system to monitor and review costs on an on-going basis. This would be discussed at the weekly site meeting with correction actions implemented to reduce the spend profile or to mitigate for unforeseen events.All activities undertaken by Hughes and Salvidge are in accordance with the approved programme of work, phased operations and safe demolition techniques and the activities are planned and undertaken in line with the Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Project Health and Safety Plan and Environmental Plan.Methods are reviewed on a daily basis by the Site Supervisor to ensure compliance. Any required amendments are notified to and agreed with Contracts Manager to enable a revised document to be issued.Weekly site visits by the Project Manager and SHEQ Manager ensure that work is being carried out in accordance with the approved Method Statements.Throughout the project communication with the client is paramount.  Regular progress meetings are held with the client and the Hughes and Salvidge Management Team to ensure effective service delivery and client satisfaction.

Each project is individual but typically follow these stages of work:

  • Asbestos Removal
  • Soft-Strip
  • Super-Structure Demolition
  • Sub-Structure Demolition
  • Crushing and Screening
  • Site Clearance
  • Waste Removal
  • Handover to Client

Completion and Handover

Once we have cleared the site and completed our part of the contract, we hand the site over to the client and conduct a final meeting to review the project and to ensure KPI’s and targets, in terms of time and budget, have been met. A formal assessment is drawn up and a reference or testimonial obtained from the client.

Article By Nicola Wallace

Nikki has worked at Hughes and Salvidge since 2013, working on some of our biggest tenders and projects for major clients, including Ford, Ineos, Portsmouth City Council, and Shell UK.

More article by Nicola Wallace
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