Better the Teville You Know

4th June 2019

Hughes and Salvidge are delighted to have started another demolition project in Worthing Town Centre.

We recently won a competitive tender process to be awarded the contract to demolish Teville Gate House.

This project comes a year after we completed a separate contract to demolish the multi-storey car-park and surrounding buildings on the neighbouring plot of the Teville Gate site.

Our scope of works at Teville Gate House includes undertaking an environmental clean of the building before asbestos removal, comprehensive soft-strip, demolition of structure – down to and including ground floor slabs and foundations, removal of all road, pavements, and hardstandings on the site, crushing of all inert hard arisings, and disposal of all other waste arising from the works.

The Teville Gate site is in close proximity to residences, live businesses, pathways and roadways and Worthing Railway Station.

Therefore, noise and vibration monitoring are taking place and dust suppression methods are being adopted to minimise disruption or nuisance to the General Public or neighbours of the site.

During our demolition works there are also ‘Pinch Points’ where the building is in very close proximity to a path or road, and in these cases, we will stop works and a banksman will be deployed to assist our machine operator to progress with the demolition in that section of the site.

The building has also had both live gas and electricity supplies isolated at separate points within the site and in both cases the services are being protected by means of a scaffold crash deck to enable demolition to be safely carried out.

Teville Gate House was closed in 2010 and after it was deemed that the condition of the building was beyond the realms of refurbishment, plans for demolition were approved in February, 2019.

Separate plans have since been submitted for a new five-storey building to be built on the site beyond our works, with a decision pending. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) are reported to have signed a lease to occupy the new building should planning be approved.

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