Hughes and Salvidge have a wealth of experience completing a variety of Industrial projects.

Our teams regularly undertake demolition projects involving warehouses, factory buildings, manufacturing plants, chimneys and the dismantling of plant and equipment in associated industrial units.

Over the last decade, we have completed challenging projects such as the decontamination, dismantling and demolition of steelworks, various demolition projects in working dockyards, and the asbestos removal and demolition works to a military power station.

In addition to general demolition works, working on industrial projects often includes the removal of asbestos, other hazardous materials and general decontamination and decommissioning, all aspects within our scope of expertise. Prior to the commencement of our demolition, decontamination or decommissioning services, asset recovery is also often undertaken by our expert site teams.

Industrial demolition and decommissioning projects

Our Industrial clients range from blue chip companies, to the Ministry of Defence or regeneration specialists. BAE Systems, Ford, Associated British Ports and Clariant UK are some of our clients in the Industrial sector.

In 2011, Hughes and Salvidge completed one of the largest stand-alone demolition projects of the year, the demolition of the 50-acre Outokumpu Stainless Cold Rolling Plant in Sheffield. The demolished buildings ranged from large brick and structural steel mill buildings to office buildings, together with decommissioning of machinery, unused tanks and the demolition of several large industrial chimney stacks.

There were also approximately 40 service tunnels below ground level crammed with pipes and cables, which all needed removing. The site was also close to the M1 motorway, presenting us with restrictions and a vital consideration of the general public and the highway. The site was handed back safely, with no issues, 6 weeks ahead of schedule in March 2012.

For the Ministry of Defence, our projects include former barracks and the Aldershot Military Power Station, and we have undertaken Land Remediation and completed projects in HM Naval Bases. Many of the Ministry of Defence projects, as well as others, encompass working on live sites, with occupied buildings and other contractors completing their works simultaneously. We are proud to have completed all projects with minimal disruption to the client, surrounding tenants or the general public.

Factory demolitions

Our expertise also extends to factory demolition. We completed the demolition of the former LG Electronics factory in Newport, South Wales on behalf of the Welsh Government, a site surrounded by lakes and part of an occupied business park, presenting unique environmental risks. We tailored our approach to ensure no contaminates hindered the environment or caused disruption to the nearby occupied buildings.

Finally, a recent flagship industrial project for us took place in Southampton as we decommissioned and demolished the Ford Motor Factory. A high-profile project close to a busy airport and motorway and bound by a residential area to the west and south sides, we again completed this project with a respect for our surroundings whilst also fulfilling our client’s requirements.