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Airport Demolitions

Airports tend to be ever-evolving settings. Whether it’s a huge project like the building of a new terminal, or the demolition of a decaying disused building that has become surplus to requirements, airports can have important redevelopment projects happening at any given time and, more often than not, they will require some element of demolition, site clearance, and/or land remediation to provide a suitably blank canvas for whatever comes next.

Excavator carrying out demolition work at an airport

Hughes and Salvidge have considerable experience in the aerospace industry; having worked at multiple airports across the UK both airside and landside from Bournemouth to Manchester and several between - including the big two, London Heathrow Airport and London Gatwick Airport.

Hughes and Salvidge are the only demolition contractor with a permanent presence at London Heathrow Airport, having been active in airport demolition projects since the 1990s. Our involvement has ranged from smaller individual jobs - strip outs and internal demolition works - up to and including the complete demolition of multi-story buildings, piers and warehouses. We’ve also undertaken projects in landside locations not within the boundary of London Heathrow Airport, continuing to ensure that all staff on site had airside experience and treated works in the manner required for an airside project.

This pre-empted any potential issues or delays.

Excavator at airport

Across three decades working in multiple airports - including the three busiest in the UK - Hughes and Salvidge have consistently developed and applied new ideas to the point that these have become standard practice for our team.

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