Safe Hands

Safe Hands (formerly One Step Beyond) is a coal face initiative designed to capture Health, Safety and Environmental related experiences from Hughes and Salvidge project sites. Whilst we are proud to be at the forefront of Health and Safety in our industry, we are always striving to go that one step further.

The initiative was launched in January 2017 and designed on the back of the company ethos to further train, and educate individuals rather than punish when mistakes are made regarding Health and Safety practice.  Safe Hands posters with QR codes linked to a webpage form and Safe Hands cards are issued to company premises and sites across the group and the responses, both are reviewed monthly by the Health and Safety Department.

Engagement in the scheme can lead to the individual being rewarded with a shopping voucher.


  • To collect occupational experiences
  • Share good practices
  • Incentivise and celebrate good working practice both individually and at company level
  • Reward individuals when they go beyond what is expected of them
  • Encourage a proactive Health, Safety and Environmentally aware culture

The over-arching objective of the Safe Hands scheme is not just to log incidents, but to learn from good and bad practices, sharing them right across the company.