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Rhodia UK Limited


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Hughes and Salvidge successfully decommissioned and demolished the Rhodia UK chemical production facility in Leeds.

Rhodia is a world leader in the development and production of speciality chemicals and the Leeds site formerly produced a broad range of products for health, personal and home care.

The project involved the decontamination and demolition of chemically contaminated tank farms, dismantling and recovery of assets, process plant and equipment, dismantling of pipe gantries and track and demolition of various other structures and buildings.

The contaminated items were cleaned using a water jetter. The internal surfaces of items were washed and rinsed to remove dust films and residual chemical contamination that had not been removed by previous techniques.
The washings were allowed to drain to the floor and run to the sumps that serve each cleaning bund but any oils and greases were skimmed-off using absorbent sheeting (oil absorbent pads) specific for this purpose.

The asset recovery scope comprised of the careful and controlled dismantling and crane removal of numerous reactors, vessels and heat exchangers from the process plants and structures. Each item was loaded to transport and relocated to Rhodia’s Halifax site for reuse.

There were high levels of environmental considerations on this project as there was a natural brook running through the site and a fresh water spring under the site. We implemented stringent controls to ensure that all contamination was completely eradicated whilst safeguarding the natural features of the site.