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Hughes and Salvidge are the only demolition contractor to have a permanent on-site presence at both Heathrow and Gatwick Airports and have been a first tier supplier of demolition services to these airport sites for over twenty consecutive years.

Our London demolition clients value our expertise on Airport projects. We bring professionalism together with expert management of service clearances, traffic logistics, waste management and health, safety and environmental controls. We provide a selection of projects below that we have carried out at Heathrow Airport.

Flagship Projects
Europier Redevelopment: The Heathrow T2B Phase2 Europier Truncation demolition project was awarded to Hughes and Salvidge by Balfour Beatty Construction through competitive tender.
The centre element of the pier was to be left in situ and operational and the wing sections were to be removed. Hughes and Salvidge are Mansell Construction’s (a Balfour Beatty Company) 2009 National Sub-Contractor of the year award winner. As always, safety was of paramount importance. BAA Capital Projects Safety Advisor and Balfour Beatty’s Project Director both recognised our contribution to the Balfour Beatty Zero Harm Campaign. BAA Safety Advisor commented “The demolition of the pier roof by Hughes and Salvidge was a very professional, well-planned operation”.

The Old Control Tower: Hughes and Salvidge were awarded the demolition of the Old Control Tower in July 2012 and began on site in September 2012. The airport began clearing the Old Control Tower to make way for new roads as part of a new terminal development. The distinctive nine-floor red brick old control tower was demolished by our highly experienced demolition team who are familiar with the constraints and protocols of working on a live airport site.

Other Projects:

  • Demolition of Viscount House: Large demolition and asbestos removal project within Terminal 1
  • Terminal 1 IDL Project: Internal demolitions removal of stairwells and various items around baggage hall areas
  • A380 Maintenance Base Zone: Demolition of hangars, other structures and slab removal
  • Pier 3 Segregation Project: Complex demolition around live buildings in Terminal 1
  • East Terminal Regeneration Project: Preliminary strip out of the Queens Building in Terminal 1
  • Southampton House: Demolition and asbestos removal of substantial office and storage complex
  • Tristar House: Demolition of former British Airways HQ, 6-storey office and warehouse complex
  • CP8 Demolition: Demolition of Control Post 8 Building on the exterior airfield