Dismantling and Removal of Legoland Railway Track

Windsor, Berkshire


Legoland Resort




Dismantling and Asset RecoverySite Clearance

Hughes and Salvidge were appointed to dismantle and remove a section of railway at Legoland Resort in Windsor.

The two-week project provided a unique opportunity for our company to work in an active theme park, and as surround attractions, rides, staff and visitors were in close proximity to our works methods of dismantling and removal were adapted to ensure safety to all parties.

Our scope of works included removing the rail tracks by hand, by firstly unbolting and then cleaning before safely cutting, again by hand using oxy-propane cutting equipment, into smaller 2 metre lengths.

Stringent risk assessments were devised and adhered to in regard to the cutting and a permit to hot cut was obtained before any works took place.

Metal railway sleepers were also lifted and removed and all material and debris from site arising from the cutting was removed from site upon completion of the project.