Decontamination and Industrial Cleaning

Hughes and Salvidge understand that when decommissioning or developing sites, the decontamination of structures, buildings, plant, equipment and air handling systems must be one of the first things to address.

Following the investigation and reporting stage, our highly experienced teams can undertake safe and efficient decontamination down to a non-detectable and sterile level. Laboratory sampling will then validate the decontamination process to ensure full client satisfaction.

Industrial decontamination and cleaning services

Our decontamination and industrial cleaning services include:

  • Investigation and analysis
  • Cleaning and making safe of plant, equipment, ducting, buildings and entire sites
  • Tank and vessel cleaning
  • High pressure water jetting
  • Containment and secondary cleaning areas
  • Transportation and safe disposal of chemical, pharmaceutical and radioactive contaminants e.g. toxic, corrosive, hydrocarbon.