Working on chemical plants or associated projects is a niche sector that Hughes and Salvidge have developed extensive experience in over the last 10 years.

We have the depth of knowledge and expertise in collaborating with chemical clients in their complex and sensitive facilities, to ensure any demolition project in such a surrounding is conducted with the utmost respect for safety and the environment.

We displayed these qualities in our recent project at the Versalis chemical plant in Hythe. We were appointed as Principal Contractor for the decommissioning and demolition of the 54-acre site, which in part remained live during our demolition works.

The scope of work included the removal and disposal of all asbestos from all disinvestment zones, all process and storage equipment, all buildings and structural steelwork, and all above ground concrete structures were then demolished.  Stairways, columns, beams, pipe tracks/bridges, pipe supports, bund walls and RFC frames were also dismantled before the cleaning, removal and disposal of all tanks and vessels.

Chemical demolition of Total Stalybridge plant

Around the same time, we also completed a key demolition project for Total at their Stalybridge petrochemical plant.

The works comprised of the asbestos sheeting removal, demolition, dismantling and site clearance of the redundant buildings, structures and associated equipment of a manufacturing plant, offices and laboratory buildings, also included within the demolition scope were the associated utilities equipment, including switch rooms, transformers and cooling tower.

The facility was located within an industrial zone in Stalybridge with a canal and a river in close proximity. An adjoining business and a main road running alongside the estate were other factors we needed to consider as we carefully planned and managed the project with the safety of all parties of paramount importance.

Demolition of Clariant UK chemical facility

In 2013, Hughes and Salvidge also completed the decommissioning and demolition of the Clariant UK chemical production facility in Pontypridd.

The main works consisted of decontamination works before demolition works began. Demolition involved the removal of plant and equipment from structures and the demolition down to solid ground floor slab level.

In 2012, Hughes and Salvidge secured the contract to decommission and demolish the Rhodia UK chemical production facility in Leeds.

The project involved the decontamination and demolition of chemically contaminated tank farms, dismantling and recovery of assets, process plant and equipment, dismantling of pipe gantries and track and demolition of various other structures and buildings.

The contaminated items were cleaned using the water-jetter. The internal surfaces of items were washed and rinsed to remove dust films and residual chemical contamination.

The asset recovery scope comprised of the careful and controlled dismantling and crane removal of numerous reactors, vessels and heat exchangers from the process plants and structures for reuse on another facility of the clients.

There were high level environmental considerations on this project as a natural brook ran through the site and a fresh water spring was under the site. We implemented stringent controls to ensure that all contamination was completely eradicated while safeguarding the natural features of the site.