Demolition Contractors in Surrey

Hughes and Salvidge are a full-service demolition contractor based on the South Coast of England. Established in 1964, we can offer a unique and professional demolition solution – demolish, crush, recycle – completely in-house, with emphasis on exceptional Health and Safety awareness, quality and innovation for businesses and clients based in Surrey.

Our award-winning environmental performance on projects also provides added value to clients, and cements us as one of the UK’s leading decommissioning companies.  Our process is complemented by our client facing approach, from initial budget costing through to final project completion, which includes first class communication, client satisfaction and successful and safe project completion.

Accreditations & Awards:

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    Demolition Services in Surrey

    We offer a large range of demolition services to accommodate your requirements:

    Airport demolition
    Bridge demolition
    Chemical Plant demolition
    City Centre demolition
    Industrial demolition
    Large Commercial Premises demolition
    Marine/Dockyard demolition
    Ministry of Defence site demolition
    Nuclear decommissioning and demolition
    Pharmaceutical Plant demolition
    Public Sector demolition
    Refinery demolition
    School demolition
    Steel Foundry demolition
    Tower Block demolition
    University Buildings demolition
    Utilities demolition
    Work on a demolition site

    Why choose us?

    At Hughes and Salvidge, corporate social responsibility is very important to us. Environmental protection is regarded as a key part of every project and operation and it is highly considered by every member of staff to achieve maximum protection. We carefully manage all of our activities to reduce any potential environmental impacts to a practical minimum; we strive to maximise the recycling potential on all project sites and aim to recycle in excess of 95% of demolition arisings.

    For our work to ensure environmental protection, in 2016, we were awarded the Recycling and Environmental World Demolition Award for our work on projects in Southampton, Hampshire and our company-wide Green Hands Initiative.